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Andre Sorensen

Megacities What are megacities? What is different between large cities compared with a smaller one? Some say megacities are sustainable. Less energy, garbage waste per capita Others use dystopia to disapprove Why are megacities important? Megacities contain 9% of the world population Rapid growth of number of megacities, 2 in 1950, in 2007 there are 19 By 2050, projected there will be 27 megacities What are megacities? Population > 10 million In the past, the definition was once 4 million, then 8 million No reason to think that there isnt a qualitative change from 8 or 10 million But there is difference between 1 or 10 million What kind of urban issues are influenced by very large cities? - Resources demanded - Scaling the city, transportation - Pollution - Governance Special issues of very large cities History of thinking about city size Plato thought 50000 is the ideal size, any size larger, people wont know each other At 50000, it is possible for everyone to know each other and get involved politically th In 20 century, when a city goes over a certain level, diseconomies of scale would dominate. Increase cost, reduce efficiency, leading to slower growth
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