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Patterns of Urbanization

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Susannah Bunce

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GGRA03 Citites and EnvironmentsPart I Patterns of Urbanization Part II Contemporary Urban EcologyPatterns of UrbanizationModern cities ideal concrete built form conflicts with ideals of natureNature often considered as being outside of citiesth19 century growing public concern about the environmental hazards of industrial cities in Europe and North Americarapid industrialization overuse of natural resourcesthovercrowded housing during the 19 century London had the largest population in the worlddisease cholera became global disease at this time and other diseases became rampant during this timepollution streets and nearby bodies of water were polluted by excess garbage and unused materialsUrban Public Health Movement 1850s onwardsPolitical movement toward improving the welfare of city residentsSeries of reforms to improve sanitation in order to decrease disease an
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