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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 notes

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Andre Sorensen

Lecture 3 Lecture NotesIndustrial Revolution4 main changes o Technology and productive capacity new energy sources increased wealth capitalo Social changerural to urban migration more jobs much larger city populations housing built o Increasing role of capitalism market in structuring economic and social affairs in middle ages long distance trade but less mobility o Expansion of global markets and competition exporting importing raw material machinery Urban Problems Poverty oAgricultural depression o No ability to bargain with employerso Employees temporary o There was social assistance o Debt prisonHousing o No social housing affordable housing o Families living together in rooms horrible conditions o No sewers houses have pit in the basementWater Supply o 1840s especially after 50s wells and pumps became inadequateo Needed new systems due to popo Most cities on riversCongestiono Streets not designed for large amounts of vehicleso Cities dysfunctional dangerous plagues cholerao People believed it was unhealthy air not contaminated waterSocial Changes Rural to urban migration collapse of older systemsPeople uprooted no family network of supportDeath rates in cities higher than in country Concern about revolt due to masses of ppl in city were riots Afraid of disease higher risk if you were poor Social order collapsingMany ppl not married young kids workingprostitution
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