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Lecture 3

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Andre Sorensen

Lecture 3Todaytransformative aspects of the industrial revolutionurban problemsurban reform movementsarguments for city planningmunicipal governance and infrastructure buildingIndustrial Revolution4 main changes o technology and productive capacity new energy sources increased wealth o social change rural to urban migration much larger city population o increasing role of capitalism in structuring economic and social affairs o expansion of global markets and competition urban problemsManchesterLondonPoverty insecurity no health care employment insurance social assistance social housingHousing desperate overcrowding in inner city sections of the cityWater supply older technologies such as wells were suddenly inadequate who would pay for new systemsSewers human waste disposal became a major issueCongestion in central areas become severeSocial Changesrural to urban migration eclipse of older systems of social order supportconcentration of poverty in inner city slums there had always been poor people but never packed together in such huge numbersgrowing fear and insurrection disease disorderfear of decline of morals and belief that poor were just lazy improvidentCrisis and Reform th grim truth of big city life in the 19 centurythe city of dreadful nightfilth desperate overcrowding disease poverty crime miseryurban crisis as crucible of multiple ideas about how build citiessocialism anarchism altruism and fear of working class resolution to prompt the development of solutions to the urban crisisTowards the planned cityAnthony Sutcliffe 1981 towards the planned cityGermany Britain the united states and grance 1780 to 1914 pp208become a regulation and provision of water supplies and other services by municipal government
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