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Lecture 6

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Andre Sorensen

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Lecture 6Urban ecology basicsecology of cities not in citiesa new way of understanding and seeing cities and urban processesecology is the study of the relations of living organisms to each other and to their surroundingsecology studies flow within particular ecosystems of nutrients energy waste and the subsystems that structure those flowscities are a special kind of ecosystemwhat is the overallstructure of urban ecosystemsClosed and open loopsnatural ecosystems contain multiple relatively stable nutrient loopsthere is no waste in natural ecosystemsseeing cities as ecosystems makes clear that cities are not closed loopscities import water energy food on a vast scale from a very long distancesand export their wastes into global waste sinksmost waste disposal solutions so far have involved finding better waste sinks not reducing or re usingindustrial ecology seeks to close loopsat the global scale all loops are closedCities as flowssome key work on
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