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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Susannah Bunce

Lecture 5 Video: Manufactured Landscapes Inspired by nature- theme Landscapes Starts off showing workers in a factory When looking at China, looking at place where there is coal less All the materials put together in factories and get sent back out in the world Workers looking through garbage dump for metal pieces A lot of recycled materials collected here are being shipped to China 50% of computers recycled to China- e-cycle e-waste Can smell the burning of boards 5-10km, before getting there- taking out the valuable pieces of computers Photo of grandma sitting on porch with e-waste beside her In one of the towns that were notorious for e- recycling, were smashing monitors, inside the monitors were toxic with heavy metals- get into the water, water table is contaminated, now have to ship water in Amazed by how fast this worker was putting together the TSM1 breaker- different small pieces involved Even one of the worker that was being interviewed had to learn a prepared speech to ensure that they are only talking about the positive things about the company Chinese workers working on poor conditions Then shows workers building a ship Dictated by white man Ship s
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