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Lecture 10

Socio-spatial polarization Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

10 Socio-spatial polarization Spatial Divisions in the City Hills, water bodies, better scenery spatial sorting factors Different levels of amenity in the city example: places with good shopping, nice view, big trees, green environment, fresh air, good school = makes areas more desirable which are distributed unequally among cities (more expensive to live in) WEALTH: People who are wealthier can afford better living environment with higher amenity RACE AND ETHNICITY OCCUPATION AGE: Age is a spatial sorting factor, for example, downtown and near universities are populated by youth mainly, youth are more tolerant of noise and they want to go out (near clubs) SEXUAL PREFERENCE: gay people and lesbians tend to cluster together in certain areas Sorting Process BY PRICE: People who are wealthier can afford better living environment with more facilities, prices for more attractive living environment will go up Consequences? People who have less income wont have a very good living environment People
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