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Lecture 6

Urban Ecology Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andre Sorensen

Urban Ecology Urban Political Ecology Lecture 6 Urban Ecology Basics: Ecology OF cities not ecology IN cities people used to consider ecology just as places outside the city like agriculture Cities function as ecosystems relation of people to their surroundings (e.g. environment) Closed and open loops: Closed loops e.g. the globe except for sun light Open loops huge amount of water, energy sources, food and manufactured goods flow into the city and it is then transformed with wastes (sewage, garbage) that flow out CITIES ARE DISRUPTORS take high level of energy matter and use it up to produce low level degraded wastes that cannot be reused again as inputs of energy Global wastes such as greenhouse gases are the results of cities disruptions Search of wastes sinks pattern of development of cities (instead of finding better ways of reducing waste people keep trying to find more landfills for our wastes) Landfills extremely toxic, thus waste disposal in landfills become more expensive Raw materials become more expensive e.g. copper Sorensons example: stripping the heating elements made out of metals because they are valuable GOAL: trying to make cities to become closed loops so that outputs that we generate can be decomposed and used again (use as inputs) instead of accumulating useless output Cities as flows: Urban Ecology look at cities where there are flows of energy jus
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