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John Morron

GGRA30 CASE 4 Ongoing microwave exposure Sutro Tower and the risk of leukemia brain and lymphatic cancer among white children aged under 21 in San Francisco 197388 Midterm G Strat with a definition 2 answer the question4 requirements of writing an answer 1 Sentence has 2 be relevant to the question 2 It has to be fratually correct 3 Sentence needs to builds towards an answer 4 Sentence can not repeat in a earlier sentence in answersNo comlicased sentence short simple sentences to get to the point7 8 check marks 2 gt a AvCase study Childhood chancers in sanfranciscoJust lyk rushions did Here they take registry of cancrer aiens of sanfrancisco n they math that Tying to digure of surface eofbirth defeact it different Today the r referring to tower 300 m long its the function is like tn tower in Toronto It genartes microwaves Did he living in area more likly to hv childhood cancer than children living away from san fracisco If hes selvincorrct v expect to find moreresults closer n ar
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