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John Morron

Case 2; Russina were interested if b.d is higer or lower!for the city of demois they were trying to bukid a surface. Ghey want to se if the next . they did surface study of neighbourhood to neighbourhood! How did they describe the data study; h Modicardo simulation was used. South demois ddint have high rate of b.d. Case study 3 trend in crime by street segment in seatle WA during 1989-2002 Lake washington. Floting bride across traffic. Weisburd is perticulary interested in crime. How the geography had changed over this few decades. He i sintrested in fnid out if the crime is going up or down. nd He bulid a line of surface of the crime activity. He builds a likyhood of surface and he builds a 2 suface whr neighbourhood was rising 3 ; where neighburhood was decreasing ** Figure 6; estimated likelihood surfaces for 3 clusters of street segment st THEU USED A SMUGED MAP. THE DARKER THE AREA THE crime rate was higher. Mosstyl the north. 1 ; Where the crime rate hasn’t changed very much;?- its towards north. nd 2 map; crime rate has gone up over time. Downtown area of seatle there r areas in which crime rate has gone up. rd 3 map; decreasing cre rate; its also east of downtown in washintong, ** SO THERE ARE some areas whr the crime rate is going up n the crime rate going down consistently. Some parts f seatle c.r is going up subtantionally. He dsnt say y its going up? Hes not trying to figure out why? He only wanst to show you. THE UTHORS DSNT TELL U IF THESE 3 R STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT. He doesn’t do any simulation with these maps. How dd he actually do it ?- He went to setle police department, readily available datas. All of record from 89-2002 . 14 years of data . they aid v hv 3 kinds of data. On1)
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