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Case 12 video store in torontoSurvivorship of video rental shops in Toronto over 1982 to 1999by yellow pagesby age cartaglogradius 2 kmGuessAuthor imagined starting with no stores at all in 1982 but as sumed that every site that ever had a video store anywhere between 1982 and 1999Sample excludes rack jobbers video boxes and other video rental opera tions that do not typically have an as sociated telephone number 48 chainstore sites and 69 single store sites are shown as gray circlesHow does the situation of a singlesite store different from a chain storeas an impulse purchaseto the small video shop of about 100 m2 often a singlesite firm 0to the video superstores typically 400 m2 or more commonly operated by chainsAuthor studies the process by which competition among stores leads to death disappearancefirms enter industry and disperse until profit too low to attract more firmsThe coexistence of chain and singlesite stores suggests distinct market nichesFigure 4 shows map of Toronto video stores both singlesite and chain storespresentinthe1994 Yellow Pages Of these those that died that is do not appear in the 1995 Yellow Pages Presumably store owners decide when to terminate their business However the ability to generate prof it in turn is shaped by the presence of customers and the absence of competitors Profit is enabled by having a sufficient density of good customers in the areaYellow Pages phone listings stores sometimes listed in two different categories Store history unique name address
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