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Case 11 child pedestrian casualties in new castlehuman behaviorThe more trafficarea or attracted to it the more likely an accident is to occurcollect the data in most carmore school area that student effects of land useIn 2001 population of 260 thousandtotal of 99 schools 37 thousand pupilsstudent 11 wards Figure 1Heaton ward is not included in the analysis due to land use data limitationsstudy area is 10 wards of NewcastleAuthors study the process by which children as pedestrians are injured or killed in trafficDifferent land uses gener ate or attract different numbers of tripsEn route land use influences traffic flow speed and safety A rising number of trips increases the proba bility of casualty occurrences There fore authors hypothesize that differ ent land use patterns may generate different casualty ratesChild pedestrian casualties are shown as triangles in Figure 5Child casualty data obtained as sec ondary georeferenced data from the regional Traffic Accident and Data UnitChild casualty data obtained as sec ondary georeferenced data from the regional Traffic Accident and Data Unitsecondary retail and high density residential land use types are importantoutputs of the spatial analysis1 geo referenced child pedestrian casual ties 2 boundary file for each ward in Newcastle 3 land use classifica tions w
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