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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

GGRB02 Week 1 Lecture Introduction: Space is not given, but space is constructed and produced = go out there and create space actively o We as humans remake space Space and Place is binary in geography Space is general idea, place is a particular manifestation of space Space is value and emotion free, place gives a sense of identity Identity comes from being part of a particular place Geographers talk about how space is created through in which capitalism has proliferated our world, in the way in which capitalism produces factories and creates space Oil is enormously important to our world today Evaluations: Midterm (March 1) 30% defining terms, answering short questions, and perhaps one long essay o Will be given study guide Medium length critical essay 25% (due last day of class) reflect on oil through concepts that geographers have created: space, place, landscape, mapping, scale o Think about what are the micro scale for oil global oil, the way in which oil and its various products are part of the campus, what kind of oil are part of our daily consumption o Scale is important concept Final exam 35% Tutorials Feb 8 March 22 (10%) consecutive weekly tutorials Lecture Space and Place:
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