Lecture 5: Maps and Power

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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

Lecture 5 Maps and PowerMidterm Defining concepts Mediumlength essay questions possibly answer 5 out of 6 questions Review of last weeks classScale in relation to oilHow do geographers currently understand scale o Take constructionist and materialist positionScale is constructedno such thing of just an existence of scalescales changeMaterial reality to scaleScale matters through looking at the case of oil in how we use scalescale jumping get over limitations of locality Used by people to materially affect their lives Social movements try to change scales in order to change scale in order to gain profitScales assume fixation but they do not remain at that level foreverscales changeo Idealist view of scale has been abandoned J B Harley Introduction Maps represent the world but are not facts y Maps and social worlds of the past read maps as text y Maps are value laden images iconology tries to get at value o Conveying certain values through maps on certain placesy Not inert images rather refracted imagesy Move way from binary oppositesy Maps represent a particular set of social relationso Beyond just a representation of a cartographical mapy So Harleys goal o See maps as a kind of languagereciprocal images used to mediate views of the worldTheories that help Harley 1 The turn to discourse Identify cartographic discourse what is discourseo The framework of a certain idea and how it is understood o Certain frameworks get established to be recognizedo Framework of discussion market based solutions2 iconology allows not just surface meaning of the map but also used to get a deeper meaning of mapso on the symbolic level political power is subtly and not so subtly communicatedo idea that there is a surface meaning of something and a deeper meaning as wello tease out the deeper meaning of maps3 map knowledge as social product builds upon the writing of Foucault to argue the seeking truth is essentially a will to power so cartography a form of knowledge and powero Giddens Maps as authoritative resources that are historically controlled by the statecentral to the control of space
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