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Week 1 Oilanchor for discussion of what can abstract scholarship on geographical thought object thing but also processes Human have transformed oil Oil turn has transformed us we have become oil what does it meanfor transportation bright life of industrytransform oil multiple ways spaces places are premake useful way think to space place naturetransformed human by emboding us we absorb from our body and impact us Import away to think scale scale of our body Oil and its attachmentoil could be good but also mild in geo violent landscapes ex oil wsteSpace and place Spacegeneral PlaceparticularSpace a plane on which events takes place Why spaceplaceGeographers are interested in understanding geographical area thus they draw boundaries on areas and understand it along multiple lines of difference region locality place particular to universal and can be thought of as taxonomy geographic units also represent lived experience so regions and places gives us identity develop sense of place Space is vague abstract makes sense of the place on particularityThink geographically identity distinctness of nature tradition of writing regional geographic of different place what place stands out Basic early geographer believe space is out there and task make sense of place space exist geographers job look at space think about it if region is different
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