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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

Last class ReviewGeography emerge social econ Context doesnt emerge in a vacuum Geography emerge in different navigationexploration Institutionalize through geographical society standardization of geographic knowledge and get them from Institutionallow people to think geographicallygeography as Educationpolitics as nation state nationalist emerging lead to the geo of nation state and empire makes consolidation of geography allow more people to know the geographical feature of the country geography regional science people think in regional not nation stateregional science is interesting in thinking in attend of spacegave idea of womens position gave geographic story of how they see different landscape contest by women create narrative account the article is about partial telling particular voice womens voice other way how they think about geography see in account of life of other pplgeo emerge violent history and violent like war in nation Class issue Nature and society Builds Foundation the piece is importantw3 lec readingGoal of the lec
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