Lecture 8: (Global) Sense of Place

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Lecture 8 Global Sense of PlaceDoreen Massey Essay Space doesnt matter because of the way in which capitalism has evolved How should we think about space if place does not matter anymore New phase in our world new understanding of space Everything is speeding up dinner comes from produce sourced around the world o Increase in speed due to globalizationThis was characterized by Marx as the annihilation of space by timeo Space is no longer a constraint because of travel and technological advances New impetus is further classified as TimeSpace compression by Harveyo Colonialism has been a form of globalizationo Timespace compression tied to global circuits of capital and financial terms of globalizationo Space is no longer as much of an obstacle as it was in the pasto Timespace compression financialization and monetization of space not just about materialism of spaceAnxiety about PlaceGiven that we are experiencing TimeSpace compression how should we think about placeo Place is experienced by us on a human scale o People anchored in the worldfamiliar smells sounds etcie how is place to be conceptualizedIdealized notions of place o inhabited by communities sense of security in these placeso Community and place are taken to be coterminuso Reactionary notions of place xenophobia Who a place belongs to Keeping others out resulting in different kinds of mobility Massey rethink placeCan place be progressive and outward looking central question o Query TimeSpace compressionits ethnocentricity and causes o Formal definition of TimeSpace compression on page 147Does everybody experience TimeSpace compression and if so howDifferent experiences of space and place between peopleDo we all benefit from TimeSpace compressionie people in prison poor peopleSo TimeSpace compression needs to be refinedTimeSpace compression needs to be differentiated socially Power geometry of it all o Who moves and who doesnt People who dont have carso Power relations to flows and movement some people initiate flows and movement others at receiving end still others imprisoned by it
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