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Lecture 2

GGRB05 Lecture 2 - An Urban(izing) World

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Shaun Tanaka

GGRB05 – Lecture 2: An Urban(izing) World (10 September 2013) An Urban(izing) World Place - cities center economy - production of laws/policies, culture/arts - urban o people don’t have to live on urban land to have an urban lifestyle o can include going to places for entertainment and event purposes - wealth is spent in cities - disparities - homes vs. no homes - specific sites – not entire cities (though possible like Tokyo) - particular landscape - how places are developed – human intervention o then people are influenced by places o reciprocal relationship - attachment to place – distinct meaning Space - distinct shapes, scales, and other properties that set the stage for certain kinds of human activity o more organic geographical scale - new meanings by human beings – become places - picture on slide – both space and place o Chinatown place, intersection and public transit space Place and use of space - districts o ex. Discovery District, Fashion District, Distillery District o network of places within a city o particular functions and interventions o specific meaning o personal/collective meaning to particular space  qualities and values attributed to them - urban redevelopment o evergrowing o ex. Shanghai – entire blocks of people have to be relocated for redevelopment  3 million people, 1 million homes o ex. Regent Park – from park to public housing … and so on - place and space are subject to change Changing face of place GGRB05 – Lecture 2: An Urban(izing) World (10 September 2013) - picture on slide – King/Yonge o many things have changed, yet some remain the same o more pedestrian friendly in past o car friendly in present - make/remake places - human intervention and involvement – can be positive/negative - intention does not meet up with expectations - redevelopment usually more successful than development Power of place - culture, power, nature, resources, etc. affect the way places become what they are - ex. picture on slide - New Orleans has had change in 5 years Place as the site of… - identity o sense of who we are o attaching meanings to self o ex. ‘I’m a city person’, ‘I’m from Manhattan’, ‘I’m from the South’ o sense of belonging o ethnic/religious community o wealth o social differences, class  marker of social identity - community o social or virtual o ex. playground – parents with other parents o ex. mall – teenager hangout site o ex. clubs – communities of third places (third places=place where you can go for leisure, between work and home. Like pubs or Starbucks) - security o psychological, emotional, material o ex. Yacht club – familiarity, check points to access places o secure place to live without fear of threat – nat
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