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GGRB05 Lecture 06 - Citizenship, Public Space, and Social Justice in the City.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Shaun Tanaka

GGRB05 Lecture 6: Citizenship, Public Space, and Social Justice in the City (8 October 2013) Giulani Time – 2006 film - Crime in New York o Changing behavior by law enforcement (arrests and raids) o ‘improvement to the quality of life’ o Arresting people for minor offences  Terrorizing people o Police complaints  Abusive behavior  Police brutality - A ‘little’ violence leading to lower crime rate Citizenship The Role of the Nation-State - Transforming, do not disappear - Up-scaling – supernational and transnational organizations - Down-scaling – global cities (centres of economy, culture) Definition of Urban Citizenship *might be on midterm! - Process of claiming social, political, and economic rights in a city - Make and remake urban space in order to assert a sense of belonging to the city Global Cities - Tokyo, New York, London, Paris - Flow of people (gateway of most immigrants) Trans migrants Communities - Immigrants have multiple identities, different relations across borders Global Cities – where ‘difference’ is felt - Citizenship is shaped Peacemaking: Symbolic and Physical Visibility in Public Space - Making place and identifying with it Public Space (Don Mitchell) - ‘true’ public space where you can become visible - Only place people can represent themselves Wood and Gilbert (2005) GGRB05 Lecture 6: Citizenship, Public Space, and Social Justice in the City (8 October 2013) Public Spaces - Processes of privatization and commodification of public spaces – the banishment of “undesired” activities and people Revanchist City - The powerful take their “revenge” by asserting their authority through processes, gentrification, privatization, deregulation - Ex. Regent Park - Private sector (people who like profit) are becoming more involved - Condominiums increasing profit Global and Domestic Identity Politics after 9/11 - To have ‘secure’ pu
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