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Lecture 3

lecture 3 notes

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Denisse Macaraig

GGRB05LECTURE3NATIONAL URBAN SYSTEMSGlobal Urban PatternsUrban growthThe increase in population in cities and townsUrbanizationThe increase in the proportion of the total population in an urban areaUrbanismDescribes the social properties and characteristics of living within an urban areaCauses of Urban GrowthNet inmigrationNatural population growthMegacitiesPopulation10 millionCurrently there are 19 megacities with an prediction of 27 in 2025MetacitiesConurbations of population20 millionCurrently only TokyoBy 2020 other cities with population20 million will include Mumbai New York Dhaka Jakarta Mexico City Sao Paolo and LagosGlobalWorld CityCities that command a disproportionate amount of economic activity within their respective regionServe as command centres for socio economic political and cultural capitalLondon Tokyo NYTypes of Urban RegionsCityRegionPlaces a focus on the major employment centre in a given regionThisfunctional relationship between a city and its region is a characteristic of Central Place TheoryFocuses on employment activities within a given areaConurbationSir Patrick Geddes 18541932Cities In Evolution An introduction to the town planning movement and to study civics 1915
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