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University of Toronto Scarborough
Denisse Macaraig

Urban Sprawl – housing shortage(people who can’t afford to live downtown move to the subarbs, those who can’t afford either are stuck. Gentrification: eg leslieville: artists there. Regeant park rich people go to poor places and rent, driving up prices and stuff • Congestion, transportation, infrastructure • Development (residence community) Safety, security, crime, gun violence, • We have certain norms that we think are alright for gun violence, certain places where we think gun violence should be okay. Budget cuts/austerirty Public health – food poisioning. Urban gardens – food deserts Inequality in Canada: david hulcahnski: three cities report. Low middle and high income Toronto have shifted over time in terms of where they are. Think about a confcept or lens that you wish to understand the problem through. Could look thorugh urban ecology lens or economic lens, city levarging clout? More grocers into neighbourhoods that are constantly underserved. Different persepctivesthat one can take. Egining of list, on page 31. The whole of chapter 2 is ntroducign different concepts nad framworks. Litsts a whole bunch of theoritcal frameworks and refers you to oehr chapters, what lens an
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