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University of Toronto Scarborough
Denisse Macaraig

URBAN GEOGRAPHY GGRB05H3 Y Summer 2012 University of Toronto Scarborough Syllabus Department of Social Sciences Course Instructor Marvin Macaraig [email protected] B.Sc., B.E.S. Spec.Hons., M.E.S. (York), Ph.D. (ABD, Toronto) Office Hours MW379, Monday 1:30pm -2:30pm and 5:00pm -6:00pm Lecture MW170, Monday 3:00pm -5:00pm Tutorials MW110, 1A and 1B, Monday 11:00am-12:00pm MW110, 2A and 2B, Monday 12:00pm-1:00pm Textbook rd Pacione, M. 2009. Urban Geography: A Global Perspective. Edition. New York: Routledge. Context and Objectives Earth is becoming more urban. Over half of the human population now lives in urban areas. Cities are the dominant space and place for a number of key human activities and have become the centers of political, financial, cultural, and social capital. This course examines some of the historical and theoretical aspects that have helped shape the cities and towns that we see today. It will also examine the rolefocitizenship, institutions and governance in achieving higher levels of livability, sustainability, and prosperity. This course will primarily use the approaches and concepts within human geography to shed light on the consequences of a rapidly urbanizin g planet. Also, the course will highlight and parse the contemporary issues and challenges faced by urban regions with a particular emphasis on the North American experience. Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired an introductory und erstanding of the contemporary issues facing urban regions, and improved their critical reading and writing skills. Furthermore, this course aims to connect and further develop the theoretical underpinnings of globalization introduced in the prerequisites GGRA02 The Geography of Global Processes and GGRA03 Cities and Environments. 1 Evaluation Component Weight Notes Tutorial Participation 10% Various Dates Proposal and Annotated Bibliography 15% Due in lecture on June 11 Midterm Exam 20% June 18 Research Paper 25% Due in lecture on July 30 Final Exam 30% During final exam period Organization This course consists of a two-hour weekly lecture that is supported by a bi-weekly tutorial. The UTSC Intranet provides the main point of access to course ination, additional readings, and lecture notes. Lectures will outline the core concepts of the course, and if time permits some class discussion can take place towards the end of the second hour of the lecture. An abbreviated version of the lecture outline will be provided on the UTSC Intranet prior to the beginning of each lecture. It is highly recommended that this outline be supplemented with your own notes taken during lecture. Students should prepare for both lectures and tutorials by doing the readgs prior to both lectures and tutorials. In addition to the readings outlined in the textbook, supplementary reading material will be provided via the UTSC Intranet. Tutorial Information The Teaching Assistants form a key facet in the overall delivery and administration of this course. Both Teaching Assistants are currently pursuing their Doctoral degrees in the Department of Geography. Students will be divided into Cycle A and Cycle B tutorial groups and students may only attend the tutorial that they are assigned to. The list of tutorial groups will be posted on the UTSC Intranet by the end of the first week. The tutorial is worth 10% of the final grade, and evaluation will be based on a composite of participation in discussions. Tutorials begin on May 14 (for Cycle A), and May 28 (for Cycle B) there are five scheduled tutorials throughout the term. Students should be prepared to specifically discuss that weeks assigned readings at each tutorial. In addition, students are highly encouraged to bring ad ditional discussion material to tutorials, which can come in the form of newspaper/magazine articles, online printouts and/or other external reports. Such material should aim to highlight themes and broader issues pertaining to the course material. 2 Lectures and Tutorial Schedule Date Lec
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