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Lecture 3

GGRB13 Lecture 3 - Geography and Feminism

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Shaun Tanaka

GGRB13 Lecture 3: Geography and Feminism (18 September 2013) BalpreekKaur Schools the Internet - A girl who has facial features of a male responds to an online post What is sex? - Biological makeup - Natural - Characteristics you are born with Three criteria used to define sex - Anatomical (genitalia, secondary sex characteristics) - Biochemical or endocrinal (hormones) - Genetic (chromosomal) The limits of sex - Biological determinism – ‘biology is destiny’ o Idea that attitudes, behavior, skills, and qualities are determined by that biology o Rather reductionist view o Assuming that men are competitive o Assuming that women are sensitive - Natural variation constructed as abnormality or defect What is gender? - Social categorization, not natural phenomenon - Meanings we attach on people’s bodies, and spaces they occupy - Structuralist view – created, not predestined - Relations between men and women - Always subject to time and space Gender as a system of social meanings - Ex. Femininity – home, caring; Masculinity – work, competitive - “One is not born a woman but becomes one” Simone de Beauvoir o Learning or training to become a woman – meet expectations and qualities o Becoming what society expected women to be (at the time) What does it mean to think of something as socially constructed? - Produced by social context - What is expected of a man or woman in different cultures The significance of gendering GGRB13 Lecture 3: Geography and Feminism (18 September 2013) - Gender as negotiation – experiences and expectations people need to negotiate as a result of the social and cultural meanings attached to their bodies - Gender as power relations – gender affects different people not only in terms of social experiences, but also in terms of economic and pol
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