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Lecture 5

GGRB13 Lecture 5 - Racialization of Space

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Shaun Tanaka

GGRB13 Lecture 5: Racialization of Space by Shaista Patel (2 October 2013) Questions to consider (questions on slide) - Pamela George was the victim, and 2 upper class white athlete boys were perpetrators - Meeting between prostitute and athletes - Spaces are not natural, they are formed Race, Space, and Violence - Article: prostitute Pamela George was killed by two white boys o Talks about histories of aboriginal peoples in Regina - Violence has spaciality o In some places, it is expected to happen - We need to be aware of spaciality of that violence and its relationship to the law - How natural violence was - Notion of unmapping o Need to unmap to learn stories – then can be seen as geogrpahies - How Pamela George became a prostitute, how she got there, how the boys got there Respectability vs. Degeneracy in the making of self - Suburban vs. Ghetto - ‘degenerates’ as the enemy of the nation of the society at large o Pamela George was an aboriginal prostitute - The Bourgeois life of the home and its dwellers constituted ‘respectability’ - ‘degenerates’ : subordinated - ‘respectable’ : dominant - Women constituted the making of ‘respectable’ versus ‘degenerate’ Unmapping the Violence - The boys thought it was okay to kill an aboriginal hooker (because they didn’t see her as human, but rather sub-human or animal) - To unmap, one must historicize - Reserves were created through colonization, through killing aboriginals, through raping aboriginals, through taking aboriginal youth, etc. Ternowetsky and Kummerfield’s Geography of Adventure - How white boys had to travel to colonies and do acts of violence to achieve manhood o Fighting nature (aboriginals were considered a part of nature) o This occurs in Victorian literature - The two white boys in the article achieved manhood by killing Pamela George - Domestic violence occurs too - Colonial violence vs. racial violence GGRB13 Lecture 5: Racialization of Space by Shaista Patel (2 October 2013) Violence of ‘Adventure’ - The boys saw the Stroll as a place of adventure Denatura
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