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Lecture 8

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GGRB13 – Lecture 9: Nation, Race and Politics of Home Guest lecture by Mary-Kay Bachour Politics of Emotion - Symbols mean different things to different people - Ahmed, p. 25 o Love/hate bind communities o Other subjects are threatening the white body - “Othering” o Has normative standards o Opposite of: white, heterosexual, Christian, family oriented, middle class o Non-white, queer, Islam, working class Emotion - Comes from Latin work “emovere” – to move or move out (Ahmed, 2004) - Also about attachments Nation, Nationalism and the Nation State - Nationalism o Patriotic feelings, principles or efforts o Ex. ‘Oh Canada!’, Remembrance Day, what it means to be Canadian - Nation o A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory Video: Hate Comes to Orange County - ‘Go back home’ o Where is home? Implying that non-whites do not belong - When there is stress, the blame is put on others Collective Feelings and Imagined Subjects - p. 30 – pain/violence has lasting impact - p. 30 – Audrey’s experience – white woman’s hate is on a non-white girl, disgust of coat worn by non-white touching coat of white woman Contact Zone of Impressions - “The process of attributing an object as being or not being ‘agreeable’ involves reading the contact we have with objects in a certain way” (p. 31) - “Contact clearly involves the subject, as well as histories that come before the subject” (p. 31) Nationalisms in the Diasphora (through migration) - There are China/India/etc. towns in cities - Song: Destiny by Omar Offendum Transnationalism - John Lie’s Description o Not just one flow and as
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