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Lecture 10

GGRB13 Lecture 10 - Social Geography

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Shaun Tanaka

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GGRB13 Lecture 10: Social Geography (27 November 2013) Last lecture (with criminal lawyer) - Only men get profiled - Always young men - Geographic location more important o Socioeconomic class - Whose voices are being heard What is social geography? - “Social Geography is concerned with the ways in which social relations, social identities and social inequalities are produced, their special variation, and the role of space in constructing them” (Pain et. Al, 2001) - “The product of 1960s radicalism, social geography expanded dramatically in the 1970s until it was virtually synonymous with the whole field of human geography” (Dictionary of Human Geography, 4 edition) - Interwoven together - Looks at the relationship between society and space - Study of social relations and the special structures that underpin those relations - The social construction of space and place - Struggles that make up CULTURE IN SPACE – how are social meanings and power, social and economic advantage maintained and produced in spaces? Places - Specific sites o Social processes in play at places o Class, gender, age, race - Shaped by human beings and shape the lives of human beings - Sites of human identity, security, and communities - History of places Power of Place - Places are different through human effort - Culture, power, nature, resources, etc. affect the ways that places become what they are - New Orleans o Aug ’05 and Aug ‘10 Key Themes for Geographies of Age - Social Construction of Age - Age vs. Life Course - Intersectionality between age and other social locations o Ex. Invisible City - Intergenerational understandings of age - Special constructions of age - Resisting hegemonic/normative constructions of age GGRB13 Lecture 10: Social Geography (27 November 2013) - Geographies of childhood o Ex. Giving children cameras to show their views instead of implying what they think o Level of positionality and reflexivity Key Themes for Feminism and Geography - Sex - Gender o Ex. Baby Storm – pushing the limits/boundaries of gender o What does it mean? o Social construction o Changing process of gender - Patriarchy and gender regimes o Hierarchies o Power relationships o Inequity o Injustice o Power imbalance - Feminist Geography o What is it? o How does it play into social geography? - Reflexivity Gender as a system of social meanings - “One is not born a woman but becomes one” (Simone de Beauvoir) o Can relate
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