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Minelle Mahtani

Social Geography thMarch 26 2012New trends in social geography posthuman geographies How do things play a role in understanding where we live Human human geographies through three case studies 1 Bee and the military 2 Mosquitoes3 Cats What is post human geographies Social Geography has to do with the relationship between people and place and the relationship between structure and agency How does animals play a role when we make humans the centre of everything Human Non HumanThinking about objects and animalsReclusHumanity emerges through nature rather than out of itWhere does the social endWhere does the body begin Argument is that we need new theories to answer these questions OrganizationsOrganizations made up of nonhuman actors that regulate contain and enable the practices of human body For example a circle desk in the office it plays a role to show powerNot out thereIt doesnt mean that it is beyond human but offers a way to conceptualize the world objects and technologiesThings and creatures play a huge role in our lives for example a dog Donna HarawaySays where you are in the world affects the way you lookShe says that people arent non human and human anymore she says humans are cyborgs because we are made up of social and biological she is kind of saying how things have become
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