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Lecture 4

Lecture notes for lecture 4 of the course

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Talar Sahsuvaroglu

GGRB28 Lecture 4 VIDEO 1 Bill Davenhall, Your health depends on where you live. Genetics + lifestyle + environment = health Food, water quality not considered when doctors inquire about your health and health history Geography is destiny in medicine. Jack Lord Geographic information can keep you healthy REVIEW Patterns of Health Inequality o International o Regional and class divides (spatial, social, ethnic) o Small scale variations Explaining Inequalities in Health Outcomes o Determinants of Health Fixed factors (age, gender, genetics) Layers Lifestyle Social networks Livingworking conditions Structuralpolicies Whitehall Studies Whitehall I o Set up in 1967 o Prospective study followed participants for 10 years o 18,000 British men in the Civil Service o Key result: men in lowest grade of employment (messengersdoorkeepers) were at least three times more likely to die than men in the highest grades (administrators) The difference in o Lower grades had higher risk factors (smoking, inactivity, blood o The level of control you have over your job affects your risks of heart disease (those who have lower job control, perhaps more stressed, Whitehall IIa higher risk of heart disease) o 10,000 men and women employed in the British Civil Service o 1985 to present o Results: social gradient still exists for many diseases; SOCIAL CLASS AFFECTS HEALTH OUTCOMES Explaining Inequalities in Health Outcomes
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