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Lecture 5

Lecture notes for lecture 5 of the course

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Talar Sahsuvaroglu

GGRB28 Lecture 5 Definitions of Migration Permanent or semi-permanent change of residence of either an individual or a group of individuals Movement of people across communitycitycountry lines for the purpose of establishing a new place of residence Migratory influences: o Pull factors: lower taxes, job opportunities, better standards of living, climate, family, education, safety, health care (bettermore affordable) o Push factors: war, poverty, (social andor physical) environment, forced Characterizing Migration Historicalcurrent: Voluntaryforced (forced migration is not only force by people, may be force by environment, natural disasters, etc.) Characteristics of those who do the migrating? o Racegenderreligionetc. Short distancesinter-regionalinternational Impact of Migration on Health Migration and stress o Elliot and Gille (1998) South Asian Fijian womens experiences with migration Women tend to have a different migration experience than men because of gender roles o Sundquist and Johannson (1997) Self-reported long-term illness in Sweden comparing foreign born to indigenous born People who are born outside of their current country, were twice as more likely to need medical attention than those born in the country o Bollini and Siem (1995) immigrants and native-born occupational accident rates People who had immigrated were more likely to be working in higher risk jobs o Ugalde (1997) Agricultural labour migrants to Spain and exposure to pesticides These migrants had almost double the exposure
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