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Lecture 5

Geography of Diseases Lecture 5 doc

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Majeed

Geography of Diseases Lecture 5. February 6th/2013 Annotated bibliography due next Midterm feb 27, the first Wednesday back. This topic is relevant to the topic of alcohol, no I first person use. - that highlight the issue and are specific with the topic, it is helping you to funnel down, to approaches and the field, the most relevant. It is getitng the sense of focus, and if you get to specific, get a variety. - you might highlight, the new area, will i be able to site something from this article, and it is there vital information here, is there example i can use from this article. How is it going to help you later on. - Farmer has 3 stages, American feminization and ruralization. 1. Us tourist came to haiti and brought aid, through sex trade and given, and men with this, it was taken in the city, and they can spread the diesease and they might oamp out and then move and then this population would have spread it to the rural areas.Also workers in factories, nanies, and these peopel would move back in the rural area. 2. Spreading the diease movement from the urban centre and the spread from female and 3. It first starts in the city and Midterm: Today in tutorial Begining of lecture act as short answer on the midterm, and you have examples of both to work with. News: Outbreak in Montreal: - one of the hospital is in outbreak, there are 65 cases resistance part strain, and you can get this bacterai and not know and pass it on. The hospital has shut down, no on is going in or out, everyone is wearing a mask, and now they cant do anything about it, and this could get out to general public and be a quite an issur and there isnothign we can do 67 cases. This ties in when we talk about infectious dieseas, and antibiotics came out in the 1950s and 60s. We have to create new, you can carry without showing sick and carry out without sowing the idease, and you have theses senerios and shut down, this is the idea to ask a lot of coworkers to take a flu shot, and you can pick it up from your family and pass it on to the workers. Its not nesssarily about you and pass it on, and you can get over it in a week and Turburcolosis vaccine: it has been in 10 yeas, or the vaccine that we currwntly use is not effective, and to sure up, they found they only had a 17% of the population, and there has been 10years and it has seen that it might not bee as helpful, and there still is potential, and now the new test, -if something happens today, and it is billion dollars, that is why infectious diesease very scary and in actual February 12/13: 1. If you text or phone, or twit you can spend 5cents in health, workplace health, he sees in teh the perosn in the house, and hceck out hte add and the billbord, and breaking down that stigma. Aim of todays lectues - Globalizatoin: we broke it down into three definiation, and are we opeining ourselves to new dieseases or. Sample questions What is farmers stance on the concept of newly emerging diesease? Explian his argumen you may use Globalizaiotn: 1. Greater connection as result of communication we get farther and get into contact with people we couldnt have before 2. The idea of richer get richer and global market some people benefit from it and some people don't, greater number of the population is living as 1 dollar a day. 3. That govt are pulling back on govt funding, or that we run our public services like we run our privater services, in terms of city council and greater turn on market, reduction in social services that can support health, and in terms of nourishment and poverty, and are being reduces, 4. Having a housing subsidized, a safer, housing, you actually have heat, if those cuts are made, and then you are going to live at a worse place. 5. We have to think about all the other issues and policits that can also help health in long term as well Globalizatoin and diesease: 1. It led to greater connectidness and allows, and you have new interactions with people you havent met and new interaction with others, you have to get new vacicnes, just because your not born in that area, drink bottle water, and not local water because the things in the water can make you sick because your body is not used to it. 2. You can travel, and you can 3. The incubation is longer than sars, and it took you longer than you can fly, and you got sysmtoms after a while, 4. We have more population living in slamps, libign a dollar a day, or having bad water, bad housing, and we are seeing health deteriorte, and as we weaken our hygiene system we open up and are coming as immune defiecitmt.And when they that sicker bodies 5. With weaking of health institutes, they are provding polio vaccines, they are providing clean water, and they have other issue and wore detection and they can pick up, they were contacting with manpower, and they might not detect, and something can get much long, and we just \you have three proned globalizaiotn definition and 3 infectoius definition Newly emerging diesease: 1. Ebola is mainly in zaire 2. Lyme diesease: in the us 1970 and is named after a town, it is a diesease of globalization and advancemetn, that greater connection, and it has been increasing, and as we move closer and closer, deer are linked with that, and as we moved further and further into the rurla areas we are gettinginto connet with these animlas. 3. Turberculosis: we are seeing new drug resistnace forms of tubercolosis. Hollywood and dieseas: 1. Outbreak consider the differenes between it. 2. In one poplationa and it spread to, in outbreaak we are foucuing on a village, and it will spread, and it doesnt go away like te contagion does, and not much quicker. 3. The ftist movie in outbreak we know what we were dealkng with , and in contagiojn it was an extreme we are trying to figure it out, 4. Thanksgiving, linking it to waht we talk about, we dont see that in the outbreak the contagion she was on a buisness trip and she picks it up and brings it home. The international travel, so thanks giving, black frifsy, she wasnt one, it was in london, because of globalizaiton adn it can just spread, becuse you have so many people, quicker spread, 5. In terms of geogrpahy of blame, the diffeerence where it was focused, the outbreak was focus in afica, and when we talk about hiv and this was the stereotyope that was going on. And in contagion we are looking at contagion. They were saying it was borne in water, but it was done throught monkey, there water systerm and it caused the entire village to die, it was inequality, the poverty in vilage, the contagion it takes 4 days, and in the village diying in 2 to 3 days, and the lady went ot the hospital in contagion but in outbreak no access. 6. The cbc gets into the village but majority of peopel have dies. Because of globalizatoin we really dont see, and 7. Sanitataion and health hygiene, adn the pig farming, and different industry pracitses that have allowed. 8. The public attention will Mcmichael: 1. Focuses on the realtionship between peopel and how it links to the diesease, and he wants to counteract, and these war type analogy, and something coming out the blue, the diesease that we see, adn are correlated, and we have to recognize and this is done to us that we have no control.And so it is our actoin that is creating these diesease and it is not that they are coming out, and he does this by looking at 4 time periods 2. The 5000-10000: people just settle down, and share these resoures and we see the practise of domestication and keeping animals and farming and in this period and that changes our behavouir and we are no longer moving from the envirmnet we are staying 3. So sanitation and waste doesn't go to, and we have animals living with peopel and they don't have a farm separate per say, and being closer together. So tb, leprosy, typoid is a water related diseases, and some illness can transfer and this is time we start to see they pick up. Continental period: 1. The connections between the socity, we dont migrate much, most peopel will liive and die at the same place, and they debelp on theri own and in these regions and the diesease that other people might not have seen and coming in contact with war and previously we have not been exposed to it. 2. With movement with animals and roman empire and we see black death and movenetn through rat
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