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L10 Tuberculosis - caused by mycobacterium, attacking the body but most commonly the lungs - active tb - antibodies within body was unable to fight off virus, transmissible up to 10- 15year - inactivelatent tb - bacteria is in the body but there are no symptoms, not capable of transmitting - 50% of people who are not cured die - was widespread in last centuries - pale with red eyes coughing out blood (vampires) - 19thcentury romanticism - infected were considered to be more creative tuberculosis meningitis - infection of the brain or spinal cord (characterized by irritability and restlessness) stiff neck, headache, vomiting, changes in mental condition or behaviour, or coma intestinal tuberculosis - infection of the intestinal tract tuberculosis lymphadenitis - infection of lymph nodes (causing enlargement of nodes and forming masses in the neck) tuberculosis pericarditis - infection of the heart - contracted via respiratory tract, inhaling infected droplets - installed in lungs, trapped in the bloodstream, attacking other organs - mainly in Asia, in 2008 - 55% of the global total - Eastern Europe - 150 000 new cases in Russia in 2008 - 14 097 new cases in USA in 2005 - in UK, dubbed the disease that never went awaywith 8113 new cases in 2005 in parts of London, tb rates are 10 x the national rate McCraig - tb linked to factors of poverty and ethnic belonging - 9 million cases annually (13 in China and India) - need to have high densityurbanization, poor hygienic conditions, long periods of contact - Southern developi
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