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st L12 Limits to health in the 21 century and future challenges - change in temperature, distribution - extreme weather conditions (desertification, melting ice) - losing capacity to growsustain life with adequate soil (due to erosion), water (due to privatization) for productivity erosion of civilization - demographic pressures led to land degradation + increase hydro-stress on water - water is generally the source of life and is necessary to maintain life currently 1. health risks are increasing 2. extreme weather events are likely to increase 3. ongoing health gains especially in low-incomevulnerable populations 4. health sector has generally been slow to recognize and respond to risk - inadequate capacity building - deficient contactengagement with other sectors 5. society is slow to understand that threat to health is the most serious, fundamental risk - population health determines sustainability interlinkages between health impacts and policy responses - usages of land are responsible for climate change - as population increasesintensity of economicagricultural practices -- nature + human pressure on the environment - water wars in the future - environmental refugees - obliged to leave land to migrate to other areas due to harsh living conditions with high population density As a consequence of (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007) - water: 75-250m of Africans may face water-shortage by 2020 (mainly Middle-east and South Africa) - crops: rain-fed agriculture could decline by 50% in some Africa
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