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Michelle Majeed

Research Paper:*don’t use quotation always paraphrase, not argumentative not first person, is there any inequality issues, or bias issues that link to geographical imagination, how it fits to the course. • A.K.A consumption or white plague • Also described as wasting away • Latent infected: you are positive for TB but its not active, you're a carrier, but nothing happens, you don’t have the coughs, or fever, you wouldn’t know you have it, so 90% of people don’t know, 10% are the active ones, these people have the symptoms, are contagious, and they die from TB. • You think it shouldn’t be such an issue because only 10% of people are actively affected of TB, • Creation of sanatorium: people were sent here for treatment and rasped, very ideal like, open air, like a resort, as a way for people to rest in nature, sadly most people died of TB here, a way for people to be removed from society and also a way to treat them, it wasn’t a fun place to be but it was seen that way, • TB is considered a social disease because you need to be in close proximity to spread • BCG vaccine not effective, it can wear off, it is difficult to tell if that person who was given the vaccine if they are positive for TB or not, so we do have a vaccine but not one that works • You need to be within close proximity to get it • People who have compromised systems have quicker response to TB, their condition will get worse quicker • People who are living in problematic situation, people who are living in poor areas in poverty, malnourishment, poor sanitation so it affects people faster and more worse with the people who have this poor immune system • Treatment fot TB is dots • DOTS: watching someone take pills, person comes to your village and says take it, its not revolutionary or sophisticated but it works • DOTS works because its brings the treatment to the people, it doesn’t make the people go miles and miles to get the treatment. 1. HIV & AIDS 2) Development 2. MRD: you are resistant to 2 or more drugs, these are the ones that are fine in treating TB etc, if you have XDR you are resistant to or more 2nd line drugs these are newer 3. Improper use of medication: doctor tells you to take it for 10 days and finish it, the person takes it feels better after 3 days so stops taking it, but this way you don’t kill what ever is effecting you. 4. You can transmit active TB and active MDR and XDR strands. Relationship between TB and HIV/AIDS • Both epidemic • TB is the leading cause of death with people who have HIV/AIDS • Its hard to differentiate between HIV and TB so w
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