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Michelle Majeed

GGRB28H3 Week 4- Lecture Notes May 29 2013 Midterm - Readings and lectures - Know the names of the authors and what their topics are about - All the foundation terms need to be memorized Main difference between illness and disease - Illness is more subjective side, do you feel the ache, experience - Disease is more about the symptoms - Not always connected, Structuralist vs. Post- structuralist - Structuralist, the structures placed in the society, how it governs people’s behavior, influence the health of people, and the ability - Post- Structuralist, does not look at structures much as the power relationships, see who has the power in the society Are disabilities impairments that are not accepted by society or are they completely separate? - Impairment, something is missing or doesn't work perfectly, lose of function, different function and different levels - Disability, the social exclusion because of impairments, - We can change our way of thinking about impairments, and disabilities - Create equality for everyone - Disability is based on impairment Sample Question - Explain in detail the key differences and similarities in global health policy for the 3 period outlined by Packard. What are Packard’s 2 key arguments? Globalization - Greater connections between people and places (technological and transportation systems, people and places are more interconnected, people can move faster and further than before, 10% of the world travel, 90% of the world never leaves the homeland.) - Rising global inequalities (the gap between rich and poor is increasing, transnational labor, money stays in developed country and little money goes to the developing country) - Turn towards the market (domination of the market) Packard- Three Time Periods Colonial - Tropical Medicine (Tropical illness and diseases, that are not seen in the home country. Should everyone have the access to the health care? What are
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