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Michelle Majeed

LECTURE 08 – (IM)MIGRATION AND HEALTH Types of Migration  Historical/Current o HistoricalExile of Jewish population & African slave trade o Current The great population swap between Greece and Turkey at the end of WW2  Voluntary/Forced  Permanent/ Temporary  Distance of Travel (regional/international Migration  The movement of people from one place to another  Can be temporary, for work, leisure, retirement Immigration  Permanent move of an individual or group that comes with the assimilation/adaptation of life style Source of Refugees  Most countries tend to be those that are currently under conflict (Afghanistan & Iraq) Refugee Hosting Countries  Most hosting countries are developing countries and unable to provides for its people or those arriving (Pakistan & Kenya) Internally Displaced People  People who are involuntary forced to leave their homes but have not crossed international borders  Problem: if you remain in a country, the International Agency (UN and UNCHR) can’t help  Refugees and IDP’s are protected by UNHCR Diaspora  2 different meanings (way we use it now is very different) o 1. Traditional: People being forced out of their homes (Jewish and African diasporas) o 2.
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