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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Hunter

Lecture 10: A Social Cancer What Is Cancer? - ,3.0740839K,;0247,O89LJ2,,8,$47$%8 - Slightly like AIDS: poor people are more likely to get cancer just like HIV but link is not straightforward, Cancer is linked closely to lifestyle (more money = smoking) - Abnormal cell division and invasion of other cells - More than 100 different types of cancer - Exposure to Carcinogens (tobacco, radiation, chemicals, infections) working conditions, linked to society rather than just bad luck Types of Cancer - Lung. Mostly but not wholly caused by smoking second hand smoke, passive smoking - Smoking is less socially acceptable in modern day, laws against smoking - Breast. Most common type of cancer among women - raised awareness of breast cancer recently - Cervical. Mostly caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted virus. Pap smear can screen for this type of cancer +!L8;07570;,O039,243J89:0398L3.:7,-O0.43428439 protect that well against it closely linked to society - Colorectal (colonrectum). Poor diet, especially low fiber lifestyle, middle class people have more choice of foods - Prostate common in men over age of 60, curable but depends when it is detected - .,548L8$,7.42, 550,78438NL3 -:92:8.O0307;0,3.4330.9L;09L88:0 O480O associated with AIDS. very rare form of cancer, early on high prevalence in homosexual men with AIDS Why m
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