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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Fall 2010

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Mark Hunter

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GGRB28 Lecture 3 Geographies of Blame: Geographical Imaginations and Disease AIDS make orphans Orphanage doesnt necessarily mean that the children left are left poor and vulnerable theyre not directly correlated One reason could be that various family members step in and provide a better standard of life Introducing geographical imaginations A term associated with geography and particularly Derek Gregorys book of the title He draws from postcolonial and feminist theory to deconstruct colonial views of the world The idea of geographical imagination is to suggest that all or most ideas we have of the world have a geography associated to it (ex. AIDS in Africa, Terrorism in Iraq or Afghanistan) Said on Orientalism Emphasizes the power the West has over the world extends beyond military and economic power to the stereotypes it has about the East Westoccident Eastorient Masculine Feminine Rational Irrational Democratic Despotic Progressive Time
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