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Lecture 7

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Michelle Majeed

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Lecture 7 March 19, 2014 7:19 PM - Goodkindet al: 7 recommendations, how those recommendations look in practice ○ Shifting evidence from evidence based practises to practice-based evidence:  Evidence based practise: qualitative, take people who have similar characteristics assign them to a control group. Biomedical perspective (based on clinical studies, peer-reviewed). Starts off by asking a question, acquiring knowledge to test hypothesis, is it effective, applying it out, and analyze + adjust.  Practise based evidence: instead of asking question "does it work", they find something that's working and figure out why it's working. Model: observe what's working, ask question what part of this is working, acquiring the knowledge, appraise what works, and analyzes ○ Fund infrastructure to connect behavioural health and primary health services  Behavioural health: mental health services, fund connections between mental health services and primary health services.  Why would they work better ○ Requiring mental health systems to take into account the current realities of native youth  Greatest threats to Native Youth health: alcohol abuse, high suicide rates, incarceration, gender-based violence  Communities had to practise resilience, bond together  Chandler, Lalonde: cultural continuity markers: the more control that a communityhas over it's own self-regulation, the lower the rates of youth suicide. ○ Provide funding for programs that connect preventions and treatment  Cultural cohesion,elder/youth partnerships, preservationof native languages, honouring traditional skills + life  Building community support for Aboriginal Youth: Preventionof Youth Suicide Attempts and Personal injury ○ Expand mechanisms for reimbursement for traditional healers  How do you accredit traditional healers and how do you connect those together?  Sweat lodge: like a sauna- spiritual/ religious intent ○ Create alternative licensing and credentialing for native service providers  Respecting inherent knowledge of these individuals, ask people who they go to for traditional healers ○ Governmental apology  Stealing resources, claimed land that is not ours  Residential schools: created for purpose to assimilate/westernizing, educate Indians so that they are not indians anymore. □ Run
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