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Mark Hunter

Lecture 2 • Social housing in Toronto really affects peoples health because of overcrowding and etc • Diarrhea is a huge killer especially today for kids • West nile virus affects birds and humans (causes flu like symptoms) • Ebola: internal and external bleeding, high fertility rates • Lyme Disease: bacteria widespread in the US • HIV: mind changing disease • In south Africa, 5.5 million people are HIV positive • Drug resistant bacteria (they believed the can cure all the diseases) • 1980s onwards, we found out that there are huge drug resistant bacteria • public health doctors do not feel comfortable giving out antibiotics, because the more you give out the more it spreads • antibiotics do not kill viruses • many diseases in the world have some relationships to diseases in animals • HIV we believe came from XIV which comes from monkeys • Animals and humans often trade diseases • Our relationships with the animals affect how the diseases flow around • In globalization a lot of countries got better but countries inAfrica got worse in terms of healthcare and income • Weakening institutions: certain institutions that promote global health has eroded • In the 1980s (year of globalization) government cut back a lot in terms
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