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University of Toronto Scarborough
Talar Sahsuvaroglu

Geographies of disease Lecture 4 - June 1 2011 we live in many places and can be exposed in many different place and ways Explaining inequalities in health outcomes: Programming hypothesis and life courses - possible factors that could have affects you while u were being created (in stomach) for example women who smoke will have low birth rate babies - funding could go towards making sure mothers are healthy health outcome can be explain by what u have been expose too during life life course - latancy : low level of chemicals being exposed and later year cancer if formed cummalivtive model: example happens at multiple times pathway model: child to adult...maybe parents are poor low income so their nutrien is low so they might so poorly in school their leaading them to a poor job Behaviour (lifestyle)factors - smoking, lack of excerice, diet, the better educated u are the more money the better diet you have, obesity...the distribution...children spending more time on computers, more access to fast food, lack of excerise (lifestyle has not changed that much...even if ther4e is marketing) - how can behaviour explain these factors - too many individual facts social and community influences - friendships, social groups. health enviroments, working condition and local enviroments - low social class working enviroments: more hazzards...bc there is not enough money to spend on safety, work place job opportunities if important, lack of control in job is not good on health, domestic work is not godo on health, living close to highly polluted areas is not good, no access to resources, neighborhood is an important factor to health material deprivation and health - material and social...lack of money, state of housing, unemployment, why health varies ios bc there are many things that effect it text book talks about place and health - its not east to seperate but they are linked define and discuss three appraochs that can be used to explain variation to health Geography of health care: health service delivery preimary health care (gp, fam doctor) - we visite most ofrten, secondary (hospital setting - we get admitted), tertiary health care (cancer care, brain injuries (specialized services) Health conundrum - ppl live longer, higher requirements and higher neeeds that are place in our health care system - age population increasing....then it comes to where should we spend our money, decisions are made economally, poltically, socially, medically...we have 2 big problems one it the haelth care service given to our aborignal ppl, another is we focus on our ur
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