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University of Toronto Scarborough
Talar Sahsuvaroglu

lecture 5: ggrb28h3 - finishing geography of health care: migration and health (june 8, 2011) ->midterm in 2 weeks ->primary health - big part of health care (who-1920's) -> scientically sound and socially acceptable --> made universal ->affordable form of health ->every stage of developemt ->primary health care should be main and ecnomic development ->first level of contact- bring health care as close as possible (accessible...geography) -> primary health care awareness strategy:prevention, management of chronic conditions, engagement in the use of services (if u have a cold..see a gm instead of a specialist, treatment of scute illness, efficiency and coordination (updates within our system- often diffrent levels of health care services are provided together coordinated), access, involement of individuals (patient being responsible), recognition primary health care provider include: gps, nurses...ect.. -> health georgphy 3 main focus: (lecture slide) -> continuity of care - good quality health deliver system - strong principle of canadas health system 2 types: informational - accessible and available longitudinal: use of health services at a site over a period of time interpersonal: developing doctor patient relationship based on trust and loyalty CoC many sorrelations... significant implications for the CoC when a regualr GP is not avaible...(slides) primary health care reform - always undergoes changes -developing countries...more comprehansive, integration with indigenous knowledge -phc reform - impetus -> lack of health promotion/disese prevention, lack of continuirty, acc
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