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Lecture 5

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Mark Hunter

October 9 2008 1Geographies of DiseaseLecture 5October 9 2008Lecture Outline I To demonstrate the colonial antecedents of wide global disparities in health II To outline the history of global institutions such as the WHO III To show the affects of structural adjustment on health from the 1980sTo marketplace triumphalismFrom Colonialism Colonial Medicine up to WWIIPostWar WWIIindependencePostIndependence Medicine 1960sFilm IV drug use in Ukraine WBIMF Structural AdjustmentFarmer and global health10 Colonial Rule Postcolonialism refers to a set of theories in philosophy and literature that grapple with the legacy of colonial ruleThe term postcolonial has come to signify more than a period of time that postdates the period of European and American domination of nonWestern peoplesThe postcolonial moment has come to represent a rejection of scholarly oppressionIt is also marked by a breaking free from the influences of Western epistemologies that defined how the arts sciences literature and history defined the experiences of people living within the colonial worldColonialism is the extension of a nations sovereignty over territory beyond its borders by the establishment of either settler or exploitation colonies in which indigenous populations are directly ruled displaced or exterminatedColonizing nations generally dominate the resources labor and markets of the colonial territory and may also impose sociocultural religious and linguistic structures on the indigenous population It is essentially a system of direct political economic and cultural intervention and hegemony by a powerful country in a weaker one
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