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Mark Hunter

GGRB28 GLOBALIZATION AND HEALTH: ARE WE ENTERING A NEW ERA OF DISEASE LECTURE 2 Globalization: Greater connection between people and places, rising inequalities and increasing diseases. Globalization is a very prominent word in todays world. It has been used especially since the 1980s to capture a series of economic, political, and social changes. It is also widely used to discuss health. For instance global health is a term that is very common when talking about health issues that cross a number of boundaries. Globalization is a controversial term. It describes a more interconnected world. But debates over whether newness is exaggerated. Globalization is a significant break from decades of progress. The idea that globalization is pushing us into a new era of disease often gains salience because of the way that the onset of new diseases are contrasted with decades of progress. From the 1940s to the 1960s, especially, a successful vaccine for polio and smallpox and the discovery of antibiotics suggested that infections would be eradicated. The last case of smallpox was in 1977 (first vaccine 1796 when milkmaids who had cowpox did not catch smallpox. The US military now vaccinated in case of bioterrorism). To some extent, many of us will all have grown up with the idea that health can be controlled by an individual for instance by not smoking, drinking, or driving without a seatbelt. Polio: iron lung snippett smallpox: pussy lessions on skin. Vaccine invented in 1955.
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