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Lecture 2

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Michelle Majeed

Lecture 2 Health Geographies Theories and ApproachesBioMedical Model aka Holistic Model aka Wellness ModelPOSITIVIST HUMANISTIC Health is a resource for everydayAbsence of diseaseHealth is a state of complete life not the objective of livingBody is a machine that needs to physical mental and social well health is a positive concept be fixed when broken being and not merely the absence emphasizing social and personalPromotes treatment not prevention of disease or infirmity resources as well as physicalMeasured by its absence egSubjective approach capabilities disease death ratesPeople have agency in that theythe extent towhich an individualScientific method in that you have control and attorney or group can on one hand realize hypothesize and analyze via anPerson focused aspirations and satisfy needs and experimentSense of place how a person feels on the other hand change or copeScientific thus most important is about a place with the environment dataQualitative approach use ofHealth is seen as aLittle or no bias interviews to gain knowledge of resourcesomething you draw fromQuantitative approach experience in field observations in order to function eg if yourethe biomedical model is the ethnography healthy you can do better at school western model of health ouran overview of the larger picture because nothing is getting in the approach to healthhas b
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