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Michelle Majeed

GEOGRAPHIES OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND ADDICTION LECTURE 11 Define the concepts of mental illness and mental health How are the two concepts related to the definitions of health outlined in this course Mental health refers to ones sense of wellbeing and quality of life and the capacity to pursue ones goals to acquire skills and education and to grow Social conditions necessary for overall good mental health include Healthy physical and social environments Strong coping skills along with health services Holistic Approach WHO definition of health Mental health refers to a recognized medically diagnosable illness thatresults in significant impairment of an individuals cognitive affective or relational abilitiesTherefore mental illnesses results from biological developmental psychosocial factors and vary widely in terms of chronicity severity and disability Definitions Clinical depressionThis sis when feelings are severe last for several weeks and begin to interfere with ones work and social life Depressive illness can change the way a person thinks and behaves and how his or body functions Bipolar Manic DepressionIs an illness in which there are periods of serious depression followed by episodes of markedly elevated or irritable moods or highs in the absence of drugs or alcohol Schizophrenia Is a psychotic disorder that involves a loss of contact with reality making it very hard for a person to distinguish between what is real and what is not It greatly alters how a person thinks and perceives the world and consequently how they feel and behave Anxiety Disorders Generalized anxiety disorder GADA pattern of frequent constant worry and anxiety over activities and events without any recognizable stimulus or when the stimulus does not warrant such a reaction Obsessive compulsive disorder falls under this categoryREADINGS Housing Choice and Control Housing Quality and Control over Professional Support as Contributors to the Subjective Quality of Life and Community Adaptation of People with Severe Mental Illness Geoffrey NelsonThis research examined two premises of supported housing
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