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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Majeed

GGRB28H3 – Geographies of HIV/AIDS diabetes in children were tested hunting - coming in contact with blood vaccines theory provide polio vaccines - get vaccines spread HIV work camps - unsanitary condition - living very young and working HIV San Francisco - gay cancer Gay related immune deficiencies is migration role in this areas political will socio-economic status how HIV and AIDS in countries SubSaharan highest rates lowest in northern - lower not enough data on some regions in africa Structural Adjustment Programs loans with string attached IMF and world bank Washington consese - neoliberal economist not believe in welfare state but believe in market linking AIDS to Development Loan in a way we want you to develop we will tell you what we want to do with your countries oil programs that policy changes set up schedules as well same country multiple governments wprld bank specialized in infrastructure gain structural adjustment program macroeconomic policy and what does it have to do with health? countries ok to loan policies assoc. to them and goes around on them Gov't should take their hands off the market - prevent market and other will benefit IMF ask government to stop providing subsidies for farmers to not continue to grow farmers not go back and forth with market gov't provide for them - country continue to supply their country with essential food gov't collect wheat and sell it to people so that country not hungry protect country and people from bumps of market IMF - let farmers to go to price of market - not subsidize anymore all national goods had to be sold reduce spending to civil servants neoliberal not like governments so less civil servants and less public goods, health care and education, infrastructures - roads and hospitals reduce work force to sell at cheaper rate cash crops that you cant eat like tobacco - farming tobacco cant survive to eat tobacco - nothing so buy food to feed your family subsistent way of life disappeared Health outcome rural health clinics or hospitals shut down because of health care prof. cut offs - implications: drugs shortages in clinics Economic dependence of women to men Trade liberalization - prevent other goods from bringing goods from other places - allowing national goods to market reduce labor loss, allow companies to come in without taxing them less pay more hours more dangerous situation on laborers Country's user fees - services might have been free but things were privatized people have use reduce work force, actual human capital, infectious diseases - less preventative care longer to diagnose conditions a sicker body is more open to picking up infection than others People that are malnourished more susceptible of AIDS untreated STD can increase likelihood of HIV/AIDS pathways - geographical blame - employment options not risky behavior come into contact with AIDS note monitoring diseases anymore precarious employment - more spread of AIDS economic can affect health each country is different lot have same outcomes SAP in africa affected but not south africa bec. of apartheid bec. diff issues HUnter social economic and political realities move on an area on given pt. precarious situations in poor conditions looking for work women move in city - female migration marital rates changing - women marry man bec. he is a provider high employmnet rates - not marry enymore for economic safety - marital rates decrease see casual rel. happening with multiple partners - relationships money support is exchange AIDS spread more quickly. migration partners as a result TRIPS - Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights - a treaty iphone - widget in can - that can be tradmark and given copyrights too Pharmaceuticals - HIV and AIDS medication - agreement run by WTO - TRIPS apply to what starts aft
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