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Lecture 11

Lecture 11.Mental health and addiction

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Michelle Majeed

Lecture 11: Addiction and Mental health Canadian AIDS doctors urge Obama, Romney to end war on drugs HIV link in stricter policies on drugs Rates in HIV and AIDS Pop.have high rates of addiction – HIV spread – race prison HIV link think about policies that can reduce this no. Cyber bullying girls than boys Level of mental illness remain the same consistent 1992-1996 Mental health – looking at concepts Mental health –sense of one health being 2 people affected by schizophrenia psychosocial, biology, coping mech., how understand disease, medication not rejected DSM Depression imbalance of hormones and chemicals in brain Bipolar used to be a manic depression Bipolar one polar to another – psychotic episodes Schizophrenia – hallucinations and delusions hearing voices lost of contacts with reality affect how someone thinks and perceive about world lost of affect for people Environmental can have psychotic break – Anxiety disorders – Obsessive compulsive one category of anxiety – unfounded fears also Mental health in Canada Mental health system that works around mental health and mental illness – orphan child of health care Asylum – tall walls De institutionalization – after away from society Healthcuts Teach them ADLs extra support on their own not be independent but living outside of hospital at that time not really happen Regularly using substance Substance abuse diff. from substance dependency Addiction is a disease – disease model Coupled with environmental influences – poor development in childhood exposed and poor development Addiction disease to model Critique: Stigmatize – not allow them from recovery and development Habitual process – gives of some sort of gratification and security Withdraw – go back AA – want to change to make a change Do whatever they do safely Some people take ten yrs some take a week Dirty needle – potentially putting at risk for diseases\ Links mental illness and addiction Psychosis Comorbidity – 2 diseases at once – addiction and mental illness together Stigma embedded in social constructs Impairment Serial killer – stigmatized them bec. Important people in society Change and reduce stigma – culturally embedded Not in my backyard – member
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