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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Majeed

Understanding of people in particular area in a sense that it is historical that might not be true Investigate further the assumptions that underlie geographical imagination Geographies in mind – examine and get in bottom of what we assume – mental maps. – imagine a place Geographical imaginations based on assumptions and biases if we learn more we can change Farmer – Geography of Blame - Haitians – US> Farmer – no broke down in 3 phases – M2M may also have female partners – sex tourism – monetary reasons of female - Feminization of disease - Ruralization – infected in city then go back to their rural homes Mobile pop. In Haiti – secure sense of income and may have had various partner in country soldiers or truck drivers e,g, india – Appropriate technology – critical of his understanding that certain places don’t deserve same technological and health infrastructure in other countries Poor not deserve health care that we have Structural adjustment programs – open boarders , remove tear ups, reduce standards at work, reduce subsidies to allow good flow in our country help you out in terms of health give you technology open up to us not giving you anything in exchange We deemed it appropriate – those who are in power deem it appropriate McMichael Social and env. Factors – ecological disruptions We have to balance social and env. Relate to each other in this time periods 4 time periods – time periods and key ideas around time periods – EXAM Other European sys. Not part of their system millions were killed – intercontinental Global – large demographic shifts and changes and behavior – social change – migration people moving more – climate change – drug resistant bacterial as result of changes in tech, Cohen Things are changing and infectious diseases again affecting pop. 6 categories : Mass agriculture – large use of antibiotics in live stock – industry – safer in animals but in food chain can be deleterious Movement of production trade Resistance change bacteria – over use of AB Epidemiological transition – presupposes a country that moves to development in every country will do epidemiological stages Western countries - epidemiological transition – communicable to non communicable but not all. SAPS and HEALTH Allow international monetary to dictate how much they can sell corns reduce government spending – allow business to come in – reducing work place loss – not provide every one but only those that needs help Trade liberal
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