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GGRC02 LEC 02 20:35 GGRC02 LEC 02 POP GROWTH RATE: POPN NOW- POPN TIME 1 POPN TIME 1 POPN DENSITY: TOTAL POPN OF ONE AREA AREA IN QUESTION MALTHUS PROPHECY food is necessary to the existence to man reproduction will remain these two are fixed laws of our nature popn increases in a geometrical ratio (exponentially) substence increases linearly at one point food production will be less than the popn growth- critical point is known as carrying capacity Cornucopians: No limit to growth- the future is friendly Inc popn and higher std of living, price rises This attracts entrepreneurs and inventors to satisfy the shortages Final result: we end up better off in the end Need the problems to move fwd Popn doctrines 1300 bc- book of genesis, be fruitful and multiply 500 bc- Confucius, popn growth is good, but govt should maintain a doctrine to maintain between resources and popn 360 bc- plato, popn quality more important than quantity- empha
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