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Lecture 6

Week 6 Lecture Note

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Session 5 Why Botswanians die young HIVAIDS & Changing age structures HIVAIDS prevalence rates Table shows ten countries with highest prevalence rates and ten countries with lowest rates If these prevalence rates are high, then these countries have a problem If you compare the absolute numbers, then the US is much lower than Kenya HIVAIDS is a worldwide problem, 95% of cases are located in Africa Why is this the case and what has been done about it? Spread of HIV over time in sub-Saharan Africa, 1982-1997 Only in the year 2005, 1 million people died of AIDS-related causes in sub-Saharan Africa HIVAIDS in Botswana Botswana is among the ones with the highest prevalence rates 34% prevalence rate in 2006 45% prevalence rate among pregnant women age 25-34 Life expectancy o 1991: 70 years o 2005: 36 years Although in 1990s, there were lots of AIDS cases spread over African countries, and still, the numbers are rising until now One of the reasons is political reason in these countries no one talked about HIVAIDS, even political leaders didnt talk about it, and thats why its called the silent tragedy o Only in 1999, South African president still questioned t
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